Chorzów puts in montion

Chorzów is an open city - it is open to its residents and owing to them, it develops very quickly. Chorzów is the axis of the metropolis with a leisure and cultural offer that attracts like a magnet. Poland’s largest urban park with a Planetarium, a ZOO and a Funfair, a modern football stadium, music theatre, as well as a popular promenade in the city centre with its "appetizing" culinary trail bring out the best image of the Silesian region both for residents and visitors. The city allows you to recreate, recuperate and charge yourself with the positive energy of the region. It is here that one takes the wind in the sails, spreads one’s wings and feels the metropolitan “fullness of life”.


Convenient location of the city in the Silesian Agglomeration inhabited by over 2 million people and in the whole Silesian region which is recognized in the rankings as the most attractive area for investment guarantees the availability of human resources and sales market. Chorzów is populated by more than 100,000 inhabitants, over 60% of people is the working age population. Chorzów is an attractive place to live, which is reflected in the positive balance of internal migration in the recent years. The little ones will find the best care in over 40 nurseries and pre-school units, while the educational offer of almost 100 schools is addressed to the youth. 


The availability of investment sites in the very center of Chorzów allows the city to consistently transform from a former industrial center into a lively center of sports, entertainment, leisure and creative business.   It is a place where the vision of new centre - with service and office facilities, unique business area facilities and interestingly arranged public space is likely to come into life. The "New Chorzów" is a project of developing the post-industrial space into a functional and modern city borough.   It connects Wolności street   (the main promenade of the city) and a functional square situated under the flyover, with the industrial areas of business activity (Special Economic Zone) and "Sztygarka" business and leisure complex (an example of a successful revitalization of the former coal mine) and further on, with a gigantic city park.   The vision of new Chorzów is based on a popular, western idea of "park&go" according to which the visitors leave their vehicles on a spacious parking lot in the centre of the city and then follow the route of business, commercial and leisure facilities thus exploring the metropolis and having fun with what it widely offers.