Play your business in Chorzów

One of the most populated cities of the largest metropolis in Poland, perfectly connected with the region, the country and the whole world, rich in human resources, supplies of energy and reserves of creativity offers a place, a vision, commitment and support at European level. All this is at investors' disposal and all this to invite them to play their business here.

City of potential

Chorzów is situated at in the heart of the Metropolis of Silesia, which is the most urbanized agglomeration in Poland.

The city area covers over 33 square metres and holds 137 kilometres of public roads, including national roads no. 79 and 84 and the A4 highway.

GOP - the Communal Transport Association of Upper Silesia, which Chorzów is a part of, transports about 1.2 million of residents every day. It is a densest public transport network in Poland.

Chorzów is traversed by: Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa referred to as the internal highway of the agglomeration in the East-West axis; the A4 highway, which is to connect the eastern and western border of Poland. The A1 highway is situated in the North-South axis, approximately 10 kilometres from the city's outskirts.

City of people

Chorzów is inhabited by 102 thousand people, who form the second densest urban community in Poland.

It is situated in the center of the metropolitan area. The Metropolis of Silesia which develops here, has over 2 million of residents.

Over the past few years Chorzów has been experiencing a positive migration balance, what proves its attractiveness. This attractiveness draws attention of new residents.

Here in Chorzów and in the neighbouring cities which form a consistent big-city tissue, investors will find a well devoted and committed staff of different levels. Only in Chorzów alone, there is 60% of working-age population.

The unemployment rate in Chorzów is 9% and it is lower than the rate across the country (...) In January 2016 the District Labour Office registered ... jobseekers.

The industrial tradition of the region fosters the production sector investments.   

City of business

Chorzów is the right place to perform your business activity. The companies which were convinced by that are: Prologis Alstom-Konstal, Arcelor Mittal, , Messer Group, DeltaTrans, Paneltech, Amber Szkło … .

... business entities are registered here.   

The local government authorities are in continuous contact with business. The Economic Council of Chorzów is a consultative body operating between the business and the local government.

The City Town Hall has appointed a Deputy Mayor for Investor Relations who is a front desk to investors and entrepreneurs in their relations with administration.

The activation of entrepreneurship and business consulting is handled by Centrum Przedsiębiorczości - a municipal company in Chorzów.      


City of education

3 university level schools (University of Silesia, WSB University, Upper Silesian Academy of Enterpreneurship) have established their units in the territory of Chorzów.

The total number of students here is ..., which translates into ... graduates per year.

The University of Silesia with the total of ... students develops a campus of exact sciences, which is at present formed by Silesian Inter-University Center for Education and Interdisciplinary Research (faculties:   ...) and the Center for Applied Sciences (faculties: ...)

The percentage of people with higher education among the residents aged 20 years or over is 16% and it grows dynamically.

According to the Silesian Superintendent of Schools Office, schools in Chorzów (primary, middle and high schools) hold ... place in the province.   

City in motion

At present, the leisure and cultural offer of Chorzów is a showcase of the city, even more than the heavy industry was in the past.   

The largest city park including the Planetarium, the ZOO, the Ethnographic Museum, cable railway, the Funfair and other attractions covers 1/6th of the city area. 

The park is the dwelling if the Silesian Stadium, which is now under a major refurbishment.  The target capacity of the stadium is ... spectators and again, like in the past, it is going to turn into the legendary "cauldron of witches". 

A meaningful element of the residents’ identity is the Ruch Chorzów Sports Club with the most famous football team. Established in 1920, the club has won ... national championships. It is the symbol of Silesian sports and it is the most recognised brand of Chorzów.

The Rozrywka Theatre with its famous musical theatre repertoire, the Cultural Centre of Chorzów with its wide artistic offer, as well as the Bluestracje international festival, the State Music School, the MM Art Gallery, the City Museum, reflect the wide ranging cultural offer. Its level is extremely high, the best way to learn this is to visit Chorzów.

The major promenade of the city -   Wolności street, is known for its appealing food trail which is advertised by a cooking competition called "Chorzowskie Smaki" [the Flavours of Chorzów]. It is a delicious place to spend your free time.

Sports and leisure is what matters to the residents of Chorzów.  With its residents and visitors in mind, Chorzów has arranged two large sport centers with multifunctional arenas, two municipal stadiums, numerous play-fields, swimming-pools and ice rinks, and recently with the popular cycle routes and outdoor gyms.

Owing to the Silesian Park, the Silesian Stadium and the Sztygarka centre, Chorzów is a venue for numerous outdoor concerts and mass events. We have already hosted U2, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and Męskie Granie [Men's Playing]. Chorzów inspires with art and positive emotions.

City of character

Chorzów is a personification of industrial character of Silesia, where as a part of refurbishment, industrial facilities turn into tourist attractions and leisure and cultural units.

The hoist tower of the former "President" mine shaft together with the buildings of "Sztygarka" are the facilities of the Industrial Monuments Trail. They are flagship example of revitalization of the industrial legacy, which is at present a place of meetings, leisure and mass events.

One of the historic halls of the Huta Królewska [the Royal Steelworks] with is mother of all steel mills, is undergoing works on creating a museum of steel industry. The venue is already taking part in the Festival of Industrial Monuments Trail of the Silesian Voivodeship - the so called Industriada, and its still raw setting is used by numerous artists.

The city houses a large number of historical buildings and venues. The city authorities and dynamic non-governmental organisations take care of these places with due commitment.